Migraine & Headaches

Chiropractors acknowledge that there are many causes of headaches. Migraine headaches are recurrent/episodic moderate or severe headaches which are usually unilateral, pulsating, aggravated by routine physical activity and are associated with nausea, vomiting, photophobia.

Chiropractors work to prevent migraine headache using a package of care that may include manual therapies, exercise, therapeutic advice and postural advice.

Cervicogenic Headache
The causes of headaches are numerous. Your Chiropractor is trained to diagnose the varying causes of headaches and as such can recommend a suitable treatment program. Chiropractic treatment has been shown to be effective for cervicogenic headaches (headaches caused by referred pain from the neck).

Cervicogenic headaches are caused by referred pain from both the bony and soft tissue structures of the neck and can commonly result from poor postural habits and muscle imbalances.

The pain in a cervicogenic headache can mimic that of a migraine or a tension headache and as such diagnosis can be difficult and so the Cervicogenic Headache International Study Group came up with criteria to make diagnosis easier.