I have known Mark for about 2 years. I had been told that I have prolapsed discs in my neck. Surgery or strong pains were my GP and Consultant’s options. I had pins and needles in my arms and hands, and constant pain in my back and neck. Mark has reduced my pain and pins & needles. He has come into work on his day off, and stayed late to treat me when I have been incapacitated with pain. He is a kind, professional and friendly man, who trust implicitly. I have recommended him to any friends who have been pleased with their results and experience. Apart from his choose in football team he is a lovely man.

Michelle McFadden 


I have been going to see Mark for a few years now and cannot recommend him highly enough. I had been in constant pain with my back for years until I went to see him. Within no time, with adjustments and muscle work, he had me feeling so much better. He has made such a huge difference to my life. He was also there to help with a chronic running issue that had stopped my training for the great north run. I would never have run without him. I will never go to anyone else and I cannot thank him enough.

Lisa Bensley


I have been seeing Mark for a year now and I have to say he has changed my life. Whilst being fit I’ve had back problems from the age of 14 including two surgeries and eventually at 45 they have caught up with me. Mark has treated me with amazing skill and precision and I just wish he’d been around 20 years ago. I’ve seen so many physios and chiropractors over the years but from here on in there is only one that I will see and that is Mark.

The guy is amazing.

Mick Forster


Mark’s careful diagnosis and excellent services has made a real difference for me, helping me to overcome a series of problems. He is very professional and knowledgeable and explains things very clearly so you know exactly what the problem is and what to do about it.

David Swinburne


I went to see Mark as I was suffering from severe pain in my lower back and was struggling to walk and stand up straight, after just one session I felt so much better. Mark developed an individual care programme for me that meant I returned to see Mark at intervals but also took the time to give me specific exercises to improve and strengthen my core which I do on a daily basis. Mark also gave me valuable information on how to improve my work posture and overall health specific to my home and work environments. I feel so much stronger and the daily pains I have suffered since the birth of my children have almost gone and I can now happily enjoy participating in all family and sporting activities. I would highly recommend Mark, his professional, caring and friendly approach makes you feel at ease while he uses his exceptional skills to make you feel a whole lot better.

Emma Nicol


For over 3 years now my chiropractor has been Mark Gordon, who I cannot offer too much praise. In the preceding years I must have seen at least 8 or more different chiropractors and Mark, without doubt, has raised the bar as far as patient care and trust is concerned. His level of empathy is exceptional as he really listens to what I say during his assessments. I have found his level of professionalism continues with his post treatment care too by continuing to identify changes in life style to assist me with and achieve a pain-free life.

William Mitchinson


My first encounter with Mark was almost 5 years ago when I was referred to him after suffering long term back, neck and shoulder pain. I’m a generally “up tight” person and noticed a big difference in my posture and tension after advise and the early sessions. I have continued to see Mark and find that when issues do occur I am better to see Mark quickly as I am confident that his knowledge and techniques will reduce any pain I am experiencing. In recent months I have started running and, as I result, have suffered from both ankle sprains & knee muscle pain. Mark has been brilliant! I was worried that I may have to stop running but now that I follow the stretching exercises he recommended together with either acupuncture or muscle massage to alleviate any tension my problems have virtually disappeared. I don’t know what I would do without him!

Judith Sponton


I suffered with an acute right knee problem for over 5 years, at one point I couldn’t lean on it or bend it, after MRI scans, a cartilage clean  out, it made no difference. My cycling and hill walking were suffering as the knee was giving way all the time, I visited loads of physios, no good. My last resort was the thought of a knee replacement at 48 years old……. A fellow cyclist of mine recommended Mark.

Mark knew straight away how to put things right, working on specific muscles around the knee; manipulation, massage and acupuncture over 3 months worked wonders the mobility increased, reduced pain, what a life change…… With his exercise and stretching programme, I’ve never felt better – He’s the top man in the North East.

Peter Henderson


I am a 38yr old male who has loved playing sport all my life.  I have played football, badminton, tennis, and squash.  I also love running and cycling.  I use these to keep fit and help me with my other sports.  I have had many injuries over the years but luckily nothing serious and have shaken them off pretty quickly.

About 2 years ago I started training to compete in a triathlon. I started to get an ache in my left hip/pelvic area when I ran and cycled.  It was annoying but nothing serious and I kept training.  It slowly got worse and worse.  I started getting sports massages and found this reduced the pain but it kept coming back.  Each time it got worse.

It got to a point after about 1 year when I could only run about 2 miles before I was in real pain and after about 5 miles I could hardly run. It was really starting to get me down as it was ruining all my enjoyment of sport which I love doing.

This was when a friend told me about Mark.  My friend had similar issue and Mark had helped him.  At first I was very sceptical. I had never considered that I would ever go to a chiropractor. I found the thought of being cracked and manipulated very un-nerving. I met Mark who put me at ease very quickly with the confidence in his ability and his quick diagnosis.

The first session felt strange and not really what I expected.  He worked on loosening tight muscles then manipulated my pelvis and back.  He told me I would feel less pain for a short run but it would come back.  After each session it would improve.  I was also given some stretches to complete.

After my first session I went for a 5 mile run; for the first 3 miles it was the first time in 6 months I had run without any pain.  As Mark said, it did come back.  However with every session the pain took longer to come back and was reduced.  I first saw Mark in about October and by the middle of December I ran 16 miles.  There was still an ache but mild.  It gave me a new passion and energy for running.

It was then I decided I was going to run my first marathon.  (Maybe also too much beer over Christmas!!!!)  I trained hard, saw Mark and continued the stretches he gave me.  At the end of May I ran the Edinburgh Marathon in 3hours 13 minutes.  Far faster than I could have ever imagined.  It was the hardest thing I have ever done but the pride I felt was unbelievable.  If I had not received the help from Mark I would be surprised if I was still running let along completing a marathon.

I think because at the start I was so sceptical and never believed it would work, to now where I have experienced the success.  I now recommend Mark to everyone.  He has changed my life.

Andy Sadler


Mark Gordon has been my chiropractor for over 6 years. He was invaluable in his help with my hip both pre & post-joint replacement surgery and my consultant agreed his intervention could be helpful. I have recommended Mark to friends and family who have received benefit from his professional skills.

Helen Harvey